OOB Reports (Web, Excel, SQL)

Web reports:

Project Team Report
Course Report
User Report
Curriculum Report

Excel reports:

Curriculums By Users And Roles Pivot
Curriculums By Users Pivot
Learner and Course Status Overview
Registrations By Teams Pivot
Registrations By Teams
Registrations By Users Pivot
Registrations By Users

SQL Reports:

All certificates for all learners
All courses and certificates for selected learners
Certificates per Learner
Certificates per Manager
Course Enrollments for selected REM courses
Course Enrollments for selected SPLMS courses
Learners Registrations for each offering
Most popular REM Course Offerings
Offering orders per learner
Order numbers from each Location
REM courses and all users having completed the course
REM courses and enrollments
REM Curricula
REM enrollment numbers per month
Requests for courses approval
Revenue per month for all REM Courses
Total number of Completions for selected Courses
Transcript for selected learner
Users filtered by Competencies
Users for selected LMS Courses
Users for selected REM Courses


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