ELEARNINGFORCE web application and farm scoped features

All of the following features are activated during installation of LMS Suite package.

Verified for LMS Suite 4.5.2.X

Web application features:
Feature Title Feature ID
ELEARNINGFORCE - Common: Web Config Modifications 08e2bf85-30ad-4ae4-b298-77020c28085e
ELEARNINGFORCE: Content Packages Web Config modification 2c43dd7a-7868-42fa-92a5-fd9c1a9313b0
ELEARNINGFORCE - LMS: Web Config modification 743fbbbc-3673-45c8-a699-c8e94fd98001
ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Web Application Extender a73e974a-9ba4-41a4-b246-7ccbeb7a6e15
ELEARNINGFORCE – Dashboard: Web Config Modifications bfaf6d90-3118-44d2-99e5-aca1625f0cbd
ELEARNINGFORCE - Reporting Center: Web Application Extender 0c548d22-27c3-454a-baca-215aa2ac23b6
ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: Web Config modifications Feature e818fea0-2853-4bc6-955d-2d24fa48c353
ELEARNINGFORCE - Common: Mobile Compatibility f61c111e-cba8-4b4a-8206-7232021cee71
ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: Permissions Sync 6ac0745d-0099-4f81-a290-8828bb13f327
ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: Publishing Job f0e4af69-865a-4397-8204-e5aed00cedd8
ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: Report Job 86cc5d5a-c080-4cfe-b2d6-7e06c9a8457b
ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: Status Checker Job 8c948ba6-ed85-4b9e-bac4-fe113a63ab1b
ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: User Profile Synchronization Job 1e489938-80c9-47fc-9715-0cc0ead1f08e
ELEARNINGFORCE - CF: HTTP Module Feature 066d075d-e870-4c27-b538-5b90ce5cf1d0
ELEARNINGFORCE - CF: Notification Job Feature cb4eea08-3955-47ad-ab9a-5b04884999df
ELEARNINGFORCE - Common: AD Group Resolver 05980d00-8feb-4c71-86d1-901a2004d3c5
ELEARNINGFORCE - LMS: Assignments Job fabbfdf0-67d2-46d5-b3dd-fe310c60deab
ELEARNINGFORCE - LMS: Course Flow Jobs 9afef08b-856b-443d-ada8-db2347e6471f
ELEARNINGFORCE - LMS: Plagiarism Job Feature 3cc28954-a6fc-4968-89b6-60df85829034
ELEARNINGFORCE - LMS: Rich Text e9a472fc-111d-47c3-b982-b654ca702e1c
ELEARNINGFORCE - LMS: Task Processing Job 5ec59aed-136c-40ab-8406-005ebb4b7ba0
ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Courses Search Configuration a2d5fe4b-8525-4b73-838a-0dd291dfc231
ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Group Enrollments-Timer Jobs 68eaecd9-08a7-45fd-a8f5-6ee9ce6031b9
ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Report Generation Job e88e6d10-c621-4618-98eb-900e12db09ea
ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: Action Plan Overdue Notification Job 4bc37ce0-3869-43cd-8360-b5e958da9fa1
Farm features:
ELEARNINGFORCE - LMS: Logging fbcaa684-9b5e-4376-b14a-31692a1fe44f
ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Admin Links 663628a2-6e54-4b87-9977-ac7b3cf11b27
ELEARNINGFORCE - Reporting Center: Admin Links 07e37916-4a6a-426e-bba7-86211dac3d6e
Elearningforce CCM Configuration  feb93a92-9c04-4d01-8d67-4a5462c7e354




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