CCM History Settings scheduling configuration


I have a couple of questions about the History Settings:

  • What kind of path should I use In the Physical path to new database. Is it C:\ccm_archive or \\\
  • What kind of user security rights need to be set on this folder?
  • Is there a way to test if I set it up correctly?


  • This is a path where archived databases will be stored and it is C:\ccm_archive with that respect. Equal folders in all Farm Database servers (or only one folder if there is only one Database server) should be created.
  • You should set write permissions to this folder for the account under which OWSTimer runs.
  • When you configure these settings the timer job ‘CCM History Archiving Schedule’ is registered for the web application and the system tries to do a check and create a history db archive at once (in the specified path). The only difference is that it’s done under the CA application pool account settings at this time.

Created archive Database can be viewed under CA>History Settings>Archives, and on the CCM site collection in the History module.

NOTE: If you run ‘CCM History Archiving Schedule’ job right after configuration or more than once a day, you'll get an error in Event Viewer: "Database '****_2014-10-03' already exists. Choose a different database name."

This is normal, because job creates archive database with title where current Date is a suffix (e.g. '****_2014-10-03' ). Mind that archive database is designed to be created not more than weekly, so this shouldn't be a problem in a basic usage flow.

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