Offline License activator server(client) (2013)

IMPORTANT: The tool must be run on the Central Administration server!

The tools for SharePointLMS (e-Portfolio) offline license activation (update).

Flow description:

1. Run on any WFE: stsadm -o splms-preactivatelicense -url <URL of web application> -licenseid <License id> -file <Filename 1>

Run this to change directory and run stsadm

CD C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\BIN

Example: stsadm -o splms-preactivatelicense -url http://w2k12-vir-046:99 -licenseid 8fe8601d-2ebb-4821-bc26-806bc8e8f51e -file prelicense


Example: stsadm -o splms-preactivatelicense -url http://mywebabburl -licenseid de43ssjs-b123-5dds-90ed-dc009cf09crc -file prelicense -message preactivation

2. Copy Filename 1 from WFE. Run on any computer with Internet access: Run OfflineLicenseActivator.exe Filename 1 Filename 2

NOTE: You may need to change directory to location OfflineLicenseActivator.exe

cd C:\Users\eenci\Desktop

C:\Users\eenci\Desktop>OfflineLicenseActivator.exe prelicense postlicense

OfflineLicenseActivator.exe reactivatelms reactpostlicense

3. Copy Filename 2 to WFE. Run on any WFE: stsadm -o splms-activatelicense -url <URL of web application> -file <Filename 2>

Run the following command
stsadm -o splms-activatelicense -url <URL of web application> -file licensefile2

stsadm -o splms-activatelicense -url https://**splms365test**/ -file nordpostlicense


stsadm -o splms-activatelicense -url https://**splms365test**/ -file nordpostlicense -message reactivation

RGB Signature error

NOTE: If you receive an error about rgbcertificate when trying to reactivate, please try the following command prompt:
Value cannot be null. Parameter name: rgbSignature
stsadm -o splms-preactivatelicense -url http://webappurl -licenseid 1234-5678-9012-3456 -file Filename1 -message reactivation

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