What items are cloned when you use a "create course from template"/"clone course" option?

The table below contains information about tools available for cloning (transferring) to a new course:

Tools Result
Announcement item Cloned
Calendar item Cloned
Document item Cloned
Discussion board item Not cloned
Discussion item Not cloned
Chat item Not cloned
Maibox item Not cloned
Link item Cloned
Report item Not cloned
Learning Path item (only learning object without attempts) Cloned
LRM item (only learning object without attempts) Cloned
SCORM item (only learning object without attempts) Cloned
Quiz item  (only learning object without attempts)  Cloned 
Survey item  (only learning object without responses)  Cloned 
QP item  Cloned 
Drop Box item  Not cloned 
Assignments item  Not cloned 
Attendance item - time table  Not cloned
Conference item Not cloned
Grade Book Custom Item (value is not transferred) Cloned
Grade Book Existing Item (value is not transferred) Cloned
Grade Book AWG item (value is not transferred) Cloned
Grade Book Banding item (value is not transferred) Cloned
Tracking item  Not cloned
Seating Chart item Not cloned
Users Result
Users List Not cloned
Teachers list Not cloned
Custom Groups (without users inside) Cloned
Look and Feel Result
Web Parts Cloned
Site Theme Cloned
Site Collection Icon  Cloned
Tools MENU Cloned
Added Pictures on HP in "Picture Library" Cloned
Text on Course HP Cloned
Quick Launch Cloned
Added Pictures on Custom Site HP in "library" Cloned
Text on Custom Site HP Cloned
Lists and Option Result
Custom lists Cloned
Course options Cloned
Certificate Templates Cloned
Scale Templates Cloned
List Publishing Scheduler Cloned
Learning Path Templates Cloned
Custom sites Cloned


The Grade Book AWG and Banding items are not cloned if the items they are related to can’t be cloned. For example, if they correspond to the Assignment, they will not be cloned as the Assignment column is not cloned.


Web Parts are re-added to cloned course that's why their titles and settings are NOT preserved, EXCEPT FOR Learning Path and SPLMS Site Users (Learner) web parts which keep their settings on course Home Page only (since SPLMS ver.

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