REM Welcome Page Editing REM 4.2

How to change layout of REM 4.2 Welcome page  when REM Publishing feature is activated. Customer requested to remove line under search box web part (check screenshot Welcome Page)?


You could edit Welcome page and inspect html source of the page using HTML button on Editing tools panel. Please, find in attachments html sourse as text file. In case of Welcome page you could find that for search box webpart area setting defined in layouts and style welcome-bacground (find line div class="s4-title welcome-bacground").
To edit this layout you need to to open appropriate gallery.
Go to Site actions->Site settings->in Galleries choose Master pages and page layouts-> as result you will get the list of layouts, find REMNoLeftMenuWebPartPageLayout.aspx file and download. If you open the file you could find settings for mentioned above style welcome-bacground. To remove line you need to change border-bottom-style property to none.
For you convenience we have modified this file so you could upload it Master pages and page layouts using gallery using Upload document button.

Please, do not forget to publish Welcome page after layout is uploaded to make sure that changes becomes visible for all users.

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