What is the problem with my Articulate SCORM packages when I pass an attempt successfully within SPLMS but it keeps capturing incomplete status in IE9, IE10?

You will also notice this is not an issue when using FireFox or Chrome (the status is returned complete as expected). 

There is a known bug spotted in Articulate packages which prevents them from working correctly in IE9 and IE 10 (when browser compatibility mode is not used). 

You can update these SCORM packages following the guide here and using Articulate Studio ’09 Update 9 which fixes an issue that prevented learning management systems from tracking and reporting on Studio ’09 content viewed in Internet Explorer 10.

Note: you will need to replace the SCORM packages within the SPLMS. In order not to lose the current user information and history use the following article to update the packages.

Note: the bug is not limited to Articulate and can be spotted in other packages as well. For more info see the following bug reference https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=2928139

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