How to add the link to the SPLMS course in emails.


You would need to add a custom link to the needed email template as described below,
  1. Go to Courses list in REM, add ID column in view (this is the ID of the course)
  2. Create\edit e-mail template, insert a link depending on your rem version:
for rem 3.1 http://URL_of_ you_REM_site/_layouts/lms2rea/gotocourse.aspx?CourseId={course_id}
for rem 4 and rem 5 http://URL_of_ you_REM_site/_layouts/lms2rea/gotocourse.aspx?CourseId={course:ID}

{course_id} or {course:ID} will be automatically changed to the neccessary ID which you see in Courses list.

For your information you can try with some of your courses to open it using such link. (e.g.  try http://URL_of_ you_REM_site/_layouts/lms2rea/gotocourse.aspx?CourseId=2). The link will be directly to the LMS course (if it's an online course).


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