Using Language Packs for SharePoint LMS Suit

To have a fully translated SharePoint LMS Suit you've got to install language packs for all the solutions included into the suit and for dependent solutions. These are:

  • SharePoint LMS (elearningforce.sharepoint.lms.wsp)
  • SharePoint REM (elearningforce.sharepoint.rem.wsp)
  • SharePoint Dashboard (elearningforce.sharepoint.dashboard.wsp)
  • SharePoint CCM (elearningforce.sharepoint.ccm.wsp)
  • common solution (elearningforce.sharepoint.common.wsp)
  • scorm solution (elearningforce.sharepoint.scorm.wsp)

Elearningforce.SharePoint.Common.wsp and Elearningforce.SharePoint.Scorm.wsp solutions are shared among ELEARNINGFORCE solutions and included to installation packages.

To install language pack(s) with the solution it should be placed in the same folder as the installer. In this case language pack(s) will be installed from the folder automatically. Language pack’s name should be in the following format: [solutionname].[language].wsp

E.g. for the German locale language packs you place to the installers should look like:


When installation is finished go to Central Administration > System Settings > Manage Farm Solutions and verify that the language packs are in Deployed status. In case they’re in Not deployed status perform the following additional steps:

  • deploy language pack (it is deployed globally)
  • run Install-SPApplicationContent command on all servers in the farm
  • restart IIS and SharePoint timer service on all servers in the farm

 Available language packs can be downloaded from the downloads portal.

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