How can we troubleshoot the timer job issue in REM?


I have been browsing all timerjobs within the webapps and they all seem to work.
The problem however exist - when a user subscribes for a course, the course number of students stays for hours on the same.
Until we synchronise courses by hand, then it get updated.


When courses are synchronized by hand this is not done via timer job but to troubleshoot the timer job issue we'd first of all need to get detailed logging for it. 

To do that locate the \14\BIN\lms2rea\owstimer.exe.config file and copy the log4net sections into \14\BIN\owstimer.exe.config file. Repeat this on each application server and then restart SharePoint timer service on them. 
Log will be written to the lms2rea folder (the file specified in the config).
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