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In what values is defined table width parameter in Report style section? What fonts are available?


When you create or edit REM Report Style tab with the list of parameters is available including Table width (see screenshot).

Table width paramer could be set in px (default value) or percent values. This parameter is applied only for html format, for pdf format this setting is ignored. If you will define percent value it means percent of width for the form used in html.
For pdf other logic is used. Report is formated for A4 page. The width of the page is autodivided to necessary quantity based on quatity of columns with min width limit for one column 3 inches. If min is reached then system created all columns with 3 inches width and all columns over A4 page width moved to next page.

What concerns the fonts the size must be a real value, and it's possible to specify px, em, ex, %, in, cm, mm, pt, pc suffixes. The font families depend on what’s installed on your client machine (usually C:\WINDOWS\Fonts).

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