How to edit Terms and Conditions text in Material Course

In order to change Terms and Conditions text on Material course page you will need to:

  1. go to REM Site Contents > Pages library
  2. click on MaterialRegistrationDetails page > start  editing it
  3. open Material Confirm Button web part for editing
  4. change $Resource:EnrollmentAddon,lidwp_IAmAcknowledging1; piece of html code in "Terms and Conditions for Simple Checkbox" field to the text you need:

After that save the page, check it in and publish.

Alternatively, you can:

  1. go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\Resources folder on WFE server of your Sharepoint farm
  2. Open EnrollmentAddon.resx file for editing in Notepad, find text "By clicking on the confirmation button I am acknowledging that I have completed this training." and change it as needed, save file.
  3. Edit EnrollmentAddon.en-US.resx file in the same way.
  4. Run  Install-SPApplicationContent cmdlet in SP Management Shell to apply changes.
  5. If you have several WFE servers in your farm, EnrollmentAddon.resx and EnrollmentAddon.en-US.resx files should be edited on each of them. Install-SPApplicationContent cmdlet should also be run on each server after editing files.


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