LMS features are visible on web applications where LMS was not deployed. Is it correct?


When SharePointLMS and other solutions (Common, REM, etc.) are deployed to a farm their features are visible on web applications across the whole farm, not just on a web application where they're deployed.

  • Is this behavior intended?
  • Is there currently any way to prevent this?
  • If not: will it be addressed in future updates?


When a SharePoint Solution is deployed all related features (that are not hidden) become available for all web applications of the farm. This is SharePoint infrastructure design that we do not have influence for.
So this behavior is intended. It is not possible to prevent this. This behavior could be changed only when Microsoft changes the design for SharePoint. Currently we do not have plans to make LMS features hidden (not visible by default).
If a SharePoint solution is installed on specific web application farm level features are visible for whole web applications. Check the following discussion.

Approach with Sandbox solutions could not be used due to architecture of LMS which is desined as a farm solution not a solution for one site collection only.

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