SharePoint 2010/2013 and EFI products compatibility with IE10 browser


Although IE10/IE11 are listed in SharePoint 2010/2013 fully compatible browsers you might experience issues when working with SharePoint in it. The behavior might not be expected when using EFI solutions for SharePoint 2010/2013  in IE10/IE11 as well since they're highly dependent on the underlying SharePoint infrastructure.


IE10/IE 11 issues are related to the underlying ASP.NET methods not detecting the browser version correctly. ASP.NET has a file that tracks browser versions in order to know how to respond when the web pages are loaded.  But this file (browser definition file) runs out with Internet Explorer 9, and your environment doesn’t know how to handle IE10/IE11 as it doesn’t recognize it.

When IE10/IE 11 opens a SharePoint environment, SharePoint treats the browser as if it is IE6.

Microsoft has issued hot fixes to be installed on the web servers.  The hot fix that needs to be installed differs depending upon the version of .NET installed on your servers:

.NET 2.0 for Win7 SP1/Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Vista/Server 2008, Windows XP/Server 2003 for Win7/Windows Server 2008 R2 RTM
The hot fixes perform two specific steps: they update the browser version files for Internet Explorer and Firefox (ie.browser and firefox.browser) to take the newer browser versions into account.  
Microsoft has identified ASP.NET to be the source of this problem, see article at

If the hotfix is not applied to the server(s) yet use the following WORKAROUND:


  1. Open Internet Explorer 10/11
  2. If the Menu bar isn’t visible, click Alt on your Keyboard.
  3. Click Tools | Compatibility View Settings.
  4. Select Display all websites in Compatibility View or Add the web site to the list of Compatibilty view.
  5. Click Close.

This hotfix, however, doesn't address the SharePoint people picker error. See more explanation about it.

We'd appreciate if you submit any issues that you've noticed to our helpdesk.


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