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Quick question on the message that keeps popping up (see image attached) with CCM version 1.2/2.1.  I understand that you can just click the message and it will resolve. However, this only removes the message one time and this has to be done repeatedly. Can it be switched off permanently?


This notification relates to 'ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: Permissions Sync' web application scoped feature (which is activated after CCM deployment). The feature is responsible for aligning CCM site and its subsites' permissions while it's used by employees. E.g. if new teams are created, when synchronization with profiles or AD users updates any modifications certain permissions on CCM host should be changed.

Briefly, yellow notification just signifies that necessary permissions will be delegated for associated users, e.g. for managers when you add employees and for employees when you add managers.

This notification is shown to site admins when changes occurred that require permissions update. So this can either be done immediately by site admin, or, in case notification is ignored, permissions will be updated once related CCM Permissions Sync timer job runs. It's scheduled to run daily.

To hide this message you'll need to modify the server file \TEMPLATE\FEATURES\CCM_PermissionsSync\PermissionsSync\Elements.xml and comment the line:
< ! -- < Control ControlSrc="~/_controltemplates/CCM/EmployeeHierarchyTracker.ascx" Id="AdditionalPageHead" / > -- >

Afterwards recycle the application pool. Do the change on all web front end servers. Note, that change will be discarded once CCM is upgraded.

In case you've hidden the message, you might want to configure CCM Permissinos Sync job run more frequently to avoid permission issues.


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