Where SCORM content is unpacked?


When a SCORM package is assigned/played, is its contents unpacked to a SharePoint library or to the file system on the front end SharePoint servers?


The package is uploaded and unpacked to the content database that’s connected to the web application. You can also get it if the site is opened via SP Designer i.e. get it from the file system based on database.

so it’s neither SP library nor file system on the servers

P.S. You can also open Scorm package with Windows Explorer.
For instance link to the Scorm is:
http://demo2013.elearningforce.com/sites/democourse/Scorms/test scorm/AllItems.aspx
in Windows Explorer you have to open the following location to get to the contents of the SCORM package (i.e. what is inside .zip package):
\\demo2013.elearningforce.com\sites\democourse\Scorms\test scorm


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