How to edit ICS Calendar File in REM


Is it possible to edit the ICS Calendar File? We do not use Category, Duration and Course Type columns, and users have indicated that the Room column and another custom column we have called “How to Join” for Live Meeting and Lync instructions do not show up in the ICS file.


As you know ICS file is automatically created in REM and attached to Enrollment confirmation emails.  REM finds data in ICS HTML Description Template column of Email template. This column could contain html with the list of fields that should be retrieved from Courses and Course Offerings list. If this column is empty then system check contents of key ICSHtmlDescription in EnrollmentAddon.resx file.
So to change contents of ICS file you have 2 approaches.

1. Make ICS HTML Description Template column available for editing and specify html to this field.

REM:Email templates list->List settings->edit Email template content type and add column ICS HTML Description Template there.

Then this field becomes available for editing in email template and you could insert html directly. The format of html your could find on screenshots and in file html example in attachments.

Save changes. According to further investigation .ics file is created correctly however some properties of rich text type are not handled correctly. As example html link in received .ics file is not clickable.

Please, make sure that you have specified the name of column in pasted html. To check correct name of the filed use SharePoint Manager tool or paste it to you email using ToolBox drop down->Add field.

Big advantage of first approach is possibility to create different email templates for Enrollment confirmation and set different list of fields to display there. In this case when you create course offerings you set Enrollment template that contains your customized version of email template Enrollment confirmation.

2. Second approach is to modify key ICSHtmlDescription in EnrollmentAddon.resx file. This change will be applicable for all REM sites of web application. The main limitation is that to apply changes from resx file Email template should be recreated or New REM site created. So this approach is considerable in case of new deployment or new REM site configuration.
Find screenshots in attached doc.

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