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Could you please advise on the following?

Scenario: Teacher creates quiz with the review setting set to true.

When the teacher reviews their attempt to the quiz answers, they can see which questions are correct and what were wrong.

However, when a learner reviews the same quiz, they do not see what questions they’ve answered incorrectly or correctly.

Our system requires learners to be know what questions they have answered incorrectly so that when they retake the test they know which questions they need to modify their answers to.

How can we change this so that the learners see the same information as the teachers (this is only for quizzes).



When you create quizz (or using Advanced quizz settings when it is created) you need to specify 2 Advanced settings to Yes for it: Show Score for Learner, Allow Learner to review Attempt. As result you will have results in appropriate color (see screenshots).

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