About detailed logs of SPLMS system


SharePointLMS generates specific logs only during installation/upgrade process. These logs are created and stored in the installation files’ folder. Else there are no specific log files. All logs are captured in the windows event viewer and SharePoint ULS logs on the server side.

Logs related to SharepointLMS are generated in ULS log files under the category ‘EFI’ which is a category of the elearningforce.sharepoint.common.wsp solution. Additionally there’s a farm feature SharepointLMS Logging that allows configuring what kind of warning will be captured. To activate it go to Central Administration>System Settings> Manage Farm Features and activate SharePointLMS Logging feature. When it’s activated the following categories are registered for SharePointLMS available for Diagnostic Logging:
  • General
  • Global Announcements
  • Plagiarism
  • Reports
  • Tasks
If you need to expose information about site usage to certain end-users it’s best to use SharePoint Site Usage reports or Audit logs.


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