Some info about SPLMS Workflows

The scheduling approval workflow used by SPLMS was made in basis of the SharePoint Approval Workflow. This Workflow is an important aspect to authoring.  It's rare you let authors submit content directly to production without going through some type of content approval process.  SharePoint CMS comes with several out of the box workflow templates.  The "Approval workflow" incorporates approver emails, tasks lists and status tracking.  You can customize this workflow using SharePoint Designer & Customizations can include adding steps like translation or second level approval.

There are several more workflow templates in SPLMS beyond Document checking, e.g. there are workflows in Reports (report generator), Mailbox (send email notification), Export/Import (export), Plagiarism tool (check document). We have abandoned workflows for the assignments and they’re now handled with the SharePointLMS assignments timer job.

You can find more information on SP workflow types in this article.

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