Advanced SCORM settings meaning

In SharePoint 2013-based LMS versions meaning of each setting can be seen as a tooltip when you move cursor over the checkbox:


But in SharePoint 2010-based LMS versions not each setting has a tooltip, therefore see the below list of options with meanings:

Modal Window
Select the check box if you want the SCORM to be opened in a modal window.

Allow Resizing
This option allows users changing the size of the SCORM content window. When the option is checked, you will have to specify the minimal size of the SCORM content window.

Show Start Page
Select the check box to show the start (description) page when starting the SCORM attempt.

Allow Browse (realised in sco)
When the option is checked it is possible to open the SCORM in the Browse mode. The option is shown in the Edit Content Block dropdown menu on the learning path list page, in the 'Ribbon lists>Items>Manage' tab.

Allow Review (realised in sco)
When the option is checked it is possible to open an attempt in the Review mode. The option is shown in the 'Ribbon lists>Items>Manage' tab, on the attempt display form.

Allow user to resume incomplete attempt if Completion Status ='No'
This option allows users to continue an incomplete attempt when SCORM completion status ='No'. Some SCORM packages set this status immediately when starting a SCORM resulting in “New Attempt” being presented to the Learner instead of 'Continue'.

Use control mode flow for all nodes
This option is used for a better end-user experience with different kinds of SCORM packages. If this option is selected, after attempting to take the SCORM, you will be redirected right to the SCORM (questions or description if there is any). If you clear the check box, the sequencing flow may be violated for the SCORMS where the control flow is set to False by default. The corresponding message will appear.

Show statistics for learner
Select the check box to show the result page after completing the SCORM attempt.

Show navigation controls
Select the check box to display the bottom bar for switching between the SCORM items.

Show node completion status
Select the check box to display the current completion status of SCORM items.

Treat complete as passed
During the SCORM browsing, package can send two different statuses to LMS - one status indicates if user clicked through and seen the SCORM (Complete / Incomplete) and second the SCORM progress (passed/ failed). The option will give you ability to treat "complete" status as "passed" in case when SCORM doesn't send progress status to LMS.

Finish by lesson status
To state that a content aggregation’s status is complete actually means that all of the members forming the content aggregation are complete.

Redirect to statistics page when completed
Automatically exits from SCORM after completion to statistics page. It works only for Final SCO element.

Go to next SCO automatically
Automatically moves user to the next SCO element. Works only for Intermediate SCO element.

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