Migration to 2013: Duplicate content type 'Report' exception that prevents LMS site to be upgraded to 2013 UI

As one of the migration step it's necessary to run Elearningforce.SharePoint.LMS.Updater.exe. Our executable in turns runs SharePoint’s Upgrade-SPSite –VersionUpgrade command to initiate upgrade of LMS site collections. It upgrades UI version of the site to SP2013.

When updater is done running it'll show whether upgrade has failed or processed successfully.

You can tell the reason for failure in the relative updater log file. There is a known issue when site upgrade may fail with the exception Duplicate content type 'Report'.

There appears to be conflict with the name of our 'Report' content type and a content type related to the 'SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features' feature, and the site migration fails because of the duplicate content type. As a workaround it’s necessary to do the following:

  1. disable the PremiumSite feature in the affected site collections (feature id is "8581a8a7-cf16-4770-ac54-260265ddb0b2")
  2. rerun LMS updater executable
  3. enable the PremiumSite feature in the affected site collections 

Attached you will find the scripts that will be helpful if you run into the described problem. The first looks for all site collections in a web app that have the mentioned feature enabled and then disables it and writes the site URL to a text file. The second script looks at the URLs in the file and enables the premiumsite feature on each one. 

Make sure you change the web application URL in the first script.

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