Can items be hidden in left column in REM?


One of our customers would like to know if some of the items in the left column in REM (2010) could be hidden.
For example: in the administration view they do not want to see Paid, Coupon, Registrations With Credits, etc. In the student view, they do not want to see Generated Reports.


Starting REM 4.2 version we have an option to configure the page REM Settings that is introduced instead of left tools panel in REM. If you activate for REM Site collection REM Publishing feature you will see new interface (check screenshots in attachments) with links on the bar for Course Catalog, REM Site Welcome Home Page, REM Settings and My page.

It should be underlined that REM Settings is not shown for learners/students and as results they will not see Generated Reports link as requested.

Under administrator you could edit REM settings page as usual Edit Page. There you will find REM Navigation Links web part with all links that you usually see on the left hand menu. If you want to remove some links like Paid,Coupon, Registration with Credits and other you have following option - delete REM Navigation Links web part and then add new web part like Summary Link. You could add necessary links to Summary Link web part to display only links you want. How to use Summary Link web part you can find here and here.

To finish this description we want to note if you are not using REM Publishing feature then requested items could not be removed for administrator or student's view.

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