Any reason why you would NOT recommend turning the SharePoint Publishing features on?


One of our clients wants to activate the SharePoint Server Publishing features on their environment.


There is no problem with activating the Publishing Infrastructure site collection feature. However it won't be possible to activate the SharePoint Server Publishing site feature in all lms sites, -courses particularly.

The problem occurs because SPLMS features create libraries Documents,  Images, etc, and when activating 'Publishing SharePoint Server' action tries to create the same libraries and lists.

This hasn't been yet addressed in SPLMS as of now but most commonly customers ask for this feature in order to propagate custom look and feel to all lms sites. This is currently possible using SPLMS Look and Feel feature and inheriting it in courses from the organization. 

NOTE: To activate the SharePoint Server Publishing feature on organization deactivate all features that were not activated by SPLMS automatically.
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