We need some extra fields on enrollment templates in REM4.


Would it be possible to give extra/empty fields which each customer can use as they need? As example let's use following request.
One of our customers would like to give their students a choice of hotel when they enrol. Is it possible to add this to the enrolment template? If so, how/where can the administrator see which hotel was selected? Can a report be made?


You could add field Hotel to enrollment teamplate. First, you need to add such column (with appropriate values if it is appropriate) in All Registration views. Then you could add Hotel field to Enrollment template using Dynamic Enrollment Field web part.Find description of necessary steps in attached doc. This information is also available in Chapter 3 of REM User's Guide.

When student has enrolled to the course administrator could see which hotel was selcted simply reviewing registration details (check Registration details.jpg).

You could add field Hotel to REM reports as Course Source use Couse Registration (check Reports_condition.jpg).

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